Our path forward continues with you, and because of you.

Dear Friends of 180,
Navigating the challenges of COVID-19 while continuing to deliver supportive services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence could not take place without your belief in our mission. Throughout the pandemic, our 24/7 hotlines, Safe House, court advocacy, and counseling programs – for both adult and children, have never missed a day – and moving forward, we never will.
We are grateful to our staff and volunteer advocates who have found innovative ways to reach survivors, while being flexible. When staff and survivors could not be physically present in the office together, we quickly shifted services to offer confidential remote counseling services via phone and video conference. This pivot required staff to learn new technology skills while further building trust with clients as they became comfortable with sharing over these new platforms. Adapting in this way was crucial for us during those months when our State was in lockdown and when many survivors were quarantined with an abuser. For those that were able to reach us during that time, we were able to respond immediately placing the most serious and high risk families into our Safe House. Hundreds of other clients received crisis support via our hotlines, assistance with court advocacy and agency referrals to other community partners. Meanwhile, our creative arts therapists delivered care packages and hands-on materials to our families at home so they could participate in art therapy sessions with their children virtually. We also found new ways to use our agency website to post interactive and supportive therapeutic materials.
This past week our path forward has continued with the return to in-office counseling appointments. Volunteer and client safety are paramount as we work to ensure accessibility of our services to those in need. Adhering to State and CDC guidelines, we are able to provide socially distant, in-person counseling, although clients still have the option of remote/virtual choices. Soon we will launch additional ways for clients to communicate with counselors such as web chat or text. We are prepared with PPE for all counseling staff including masks, gloves, plexiglass sheilds, hand sanitizers, disinfectants and HEPA air purifiers. We have increased cleaning at all offices and have instituted a health assessment questionnaire for clients visiting the office. Likewise, we have reemphasized the need for our staff to closely monitor their own personal health and have created an alternating staffing policy to help insure reduced capacity and distancing.
There is much we look to accomplish in the challenging year ahead, and so many survivors we are determined to reach. Our path forward continues with you, and because of you. We are grateful for your support and appreciate your solidarity in our mission.
Anna Diaz-White, Executive Director
Brian M. Nelson, Board President

Crum & Forster Support 180STRONG

Keeping 180’s mission mobilized in the midst of a pandemic, requires the full support of the community. In an effort to raise funds to support its mission, 180 launched “180STRONG” – a fundraising campaign to foster financial support during this critical moment. Generously kick starting the campaign with a gift of $15,000 is corporate supporter, Crum & Forster.  


Gary McGeddy, of Oceanport, NJ, and President of Crum & Forster Accident & Health, was one of three local philanthropists and business leaders that were to be honored and recognized at 180’s annual gala this past May. When the event had to be postponed due to the pandemic, Gary and his company pushed fast forward and accelerated their support of 180 despite the postponement of the event. 


“Crum and Forster is honored to help 180. It’s a cause we believe in and have embraced over the last few years. With domestic violence being of particular concern during this COVID-19 pandemic, it was important for us to show our support. 180’s Safe House has been full throughout the pandemic and I understand temporary housing is being expanded in response to the increasing needs. I encourage our community to support 180 during this challenging time.”


With stay-at-home orders in place across New Jersey, many victims of domestic and sexual violence are left extremely vulnerable while quarantined with an abuser. The threat of physical and emotional violence is perhaps dominating their lives now more than ever before.


“Receiving this generous support from Gary and Crum & Forster comes at a time when our agency and the families we serve really need it” said Anna Diaz-White, Executive Director of 180, “Our largest fundraising event of the year was forced to cancel creating a gap in donations, and at the same time, our expenses are only increasing as a result of the pandemic. Crum and Forster’s generous philanthropy really gives this campaign momentum and is appreciated. I hope their participation inspires others to make a gift too. We are forever grateful to Gary and his team not only for this gift, but for the support we receive the whole year through.” 


Donations can be made through a mobile device by texting 180STRONG to 41444. More details regarding the 180STRONG COVID-19 Emergent Needs Response Fund, along with stories of domestic violence survival throughout the pandemic, can be found at www.180nj.org. These particular stories help to illustrate why support is so critical at this time. 


About Crum & Forster Accident & Health

Crum & Forster, rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best (2019), is a national commercial property and casualty group of insurance companies wholly owned by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. Since 2000, Crum & Forster’s Accident & Health has offered a robust portfolio of specialty insurance and reinsurance products nationwide, including medical stop loss, pet, travel and other voluntary and affinity benefits.

In 2012, the division scaled to include international product capabilities through its wholly owned offshore captive facility, Crum & Forster Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC). Situated in the Cayman Islands and registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, Crum & Forster SPC is a Cayman Islands company that reports through Crum & Forster Holdings Corporation. Additional global relationships with other Fairfax entities, provide our partners with even broader flexibility in underwriting solutions.

We place a strong focus on product development and creative distribution methods, along with excellent client service and support. The qualities and capabilities of Crum & Forster Accident & Health demonstrate our philosophy of building meaningful, long-term partnerships and our dedication to providing alternative strategies in an ever-changing insurance market.

For more information about Crum & Forster, please visit: www.cfins.com


A Message To Our Community from Anna Diaz-White, 180 Executive Director

Dear Friends of 180,
Like many, we at 180 have been in shock at the horrific killing of a black man–George Floyd, witnessed in our own living rooms. This heinous, inhumane act joins thousands of such incidents over a great many years, and any words fall far short of expressing our outrage and deepest sorrow.
As an organization we denounce hatred, injustice, racism, oppression and violence. We value equality, kindness, understanding, and champion humanity in all of its beautiful and wondrous diversity.
We stand united with the black community and are committed to giving our clients, staff and volunteers a voice to help us evolve our programs and services to better support human rights now, and in the days and years to come. And while we may feel despair for the moment, we know deep in our hearts that together we can move forward and in time heal and flourish.
In solidarity,
Anna Diaz-White
Executive Director

Jersey 4 Jersey – A message from First Lady Tammy Murphy

Dear Friends of 180,

I am sharing with you a note below from our First Lady Tammy Murphy, regarding the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund and tonight’s Jersey 4 Jersey Concert. We can’t wait to tune in! As you may know the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund is providing financial support to our first responders and non-profits on the front lines serving COVID-19 impacted communities across our State. Please read the message below for more information about the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund and how you can help.


Anna Diaz-White

Executive Director

A message from New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy:

Family and Friends,

New Jersey is on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. We have lost nearly 5,000 precious lives and had nearly 100,000 residents test positive, giving us the tragic distinction as the second most COVID-19 impacted state in the world’s most impacted country. Four weeks ago, we created the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund (www.njprf.org) to help bring resources to those most affected.

Today, April 22nd at 7pm (EST), our fund will host an advertisement free, hour long event featuring an array of New Jersey‘s top talent (Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Danny DeVito, Whoopi Goldberg, Chelsea Handler, Chris Rock and more). This event will give a virtual hug to our entire state, instill Jersey pride, honor our essential workers and raise money to help. Importantly, every online dollar received goes straight to those most in need, thanks to the generous underwriting of expenses by one of our major donors. Please tune in and celebrate New Jersey for this unprecedented hour. You can watch on most regional news and radio stations (see the full list at https://njprf.org/) as well as AppleTV, AppleMusic and E Street Radio on Sirius XM.

Following the event, our fund is partnering with HQ Trivia for a Special New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund Takeover game tomorrow at 9pm. This game will consist of twelve New Jersey specific questions, and Trivia HQ will donate $1 to our fund for every player who participates. Please share the iPhone or Android app with everyone you know and ask them to show up a few minutes before 9pm. Join the game, learn some fun New Jersey trivia and support our fund simply by being present.

On behalf of one and all, I am beyond grateful for your help. We are Jersey strong!


Supporting Survivors: never cancelled.

We will never cancel supporting survivors. Recently we had to cancel our Annual Celebration – our largest fundraising event of the year, but we will never cancel supporting survivors. For over forty years, 180 has been supporting survivors, and the coronavirus is not going to stop us.
Our services are needed now more than ever. Sadly we can confidently make this prediction: when family stressors increase, abusers get more abusive, and families are in greater danger. Right now many victims are trapped in their homes with their abusers. Escape plans that had been in progress are now on hold. Even breaking free for a private moment to reach out to our hotline is a frightening challenge. Yet victims are still reaching out to us and we are ready and receiving their calls for help. We also expect that as the “shelter in place” order lifts, we will experience a spike in the number of victims seeking our support and services. We will continue to be ready at a moments notice for anyone who needs our help.
So while our Annual Celebration is cancelled, supporting survivors is never cancelled:
  • Our hotlines are open;
  • Our emergency Safe House is fully operational;
  • Families living in transitional housing are receiving consistent advocacy and frequent check-ins;
  • Our therapists are delivering counseling from safe and secure remote work spaces;
  • We are partnering with our local police departments and our local hospitals to provide a 180 advocate to any resident of Monmouth County who needs our support;
  • We are making sure that anyone who needs a temporary restraining order during this time gets the guidance they need;
  • We are rotating our crisis response team advocates every single day, and making sure that we are prepared to support any victim of sexual assault whether they present at the police station, hospital emergency room, or phone us through our sexual assault hotline.
180 is here for our community. For the most up to date announcements on our programs and services during the pandemic,
To contribute to our mission, please visit: Support 180.
Bright Futures Annual Celebration

Annual Celebration Postponed: Spring 2021

Dear Friend of 180,
We have made the decision to postpone our Annual Celebration to spring 2021 and will provide you with more details in the months ahead. We look forward to safely reconvening under more positive, and hopeful circumstances.
We are grateful to have the ongoing support of our three event honorees Gary McGeddy, Kelli O’Brien, and Laurie Tietjen, and we look forward to giving them the recognition they deserve when we reschedule this event. Our thoughts are especially with Kelli as she mobilizes her healthcare team at Riverview Medical Center during this fight against coronavirus in our community. Our most sincere wishes for courage and strength are with her, and all those on the frontline every single day.
While there will not be a 2020 Annual Celebration, we are hopeful that you will find alternative ways to embrace our mission in the weeks and months ahead.
Anna Diaz-White
Executive Director
Robert Fouratt
President, Board of Trustees
Bright Futures Annual Celebration

Play Therapy with 180

180’s Play Therapist Liz, put together a project that our families can do at home with their child. It’s a great conversation starter about sharing their feelings. With a color key, you can instruct your child to “Color your heart to show how you are feeling right now.” It’s good to explain that we can have a variety of emotions at the same time in different amounts. When your child is finished, ask her or him to tell you about the drawing. You can usually get them to expand on a response by saying, “Tell me more.” You can make your own observations – “I see there is a lot of blue, so you’re really feeling nervous. Can you tell me about that?” Listen to what is said and respond in a calm, age-appropriate manner. Children take their cues from adults. “A lot of people are feeling nervous, but I’m here to keep you safe. You can always come and talk with me.”

For more information about 180’s programs for children, please call our hotline: (888) 843-9262


180 Partners with Hackensack Meridian Health on New Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program

Anna Diaz-White, Executive Director, 180 Turning Lives Around and Aakash Shah, MD of Hackensack Meridian Health meet with 180’s Susan Levine and Darren Averett to discuss  a new hospital-based violence intervention program that will combine the expertise of 180 staff and specially-trained volunteers alongside emergency room and other hospital department personnel in order to improve outcomes for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The program will take place at Jersey Shore Medical Center.
Dr. Shah is an expert in emergency care and behavioral health care, while 180 is Monmouth County’s only State designated lead domestic violence service agency. 180 specializes in trauma-informed counseling and domestic and sexual violence programs which empower survivors to have the strength and courage to turn their life around. 180 is honored to be a partner in this new program which will connect 180 counselors directly to crime victims before they leave the hospital.
To learn more about supporting 180 Turning Lives Around or volunteer opportunities, contact Lynn Lucarelli, Director of Development, lynnl@180nj.org.