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180 Turning Lives Around provides survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their families with free and confidential programs and resources to process and heal from their experiences.

You are not alone.

We believe in your strength and courage as a survivor.

180 offers hope and support as you overcome domestic violence and sexual assault. Our caring and experienced counselors will listen, discuss your options, and provide resources to guide

You can have a fresh start.

You are not to blame for your experience of abuse.

You and your family deserve to live your life free of fear and full of promise.
Together, we’ll create your pathway to safety, healing, and independence.

We can begin together.

We are here for you when you’re ready.
Our comprehensive support services are free and confidential, including 24/7 hotlines, counseling, legal advocacy, emergency safe house, and art, play, drama & music therapy for children.

Contact us today:

Domestic Violence: Call (888) 843-9262
Sexual Violence: Call (888) 264-7273
Deaf & Hard of Hearing: Text (732) 977-2832
2NDFLOOR® Youth Helpline: Call or Text (888) 222-2228

180 Turning Lives Around, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and receives financial support from individuals, government and civic agencies, faith-based organizations, corporations, and foundations. Gifts to 180 are tax-deductible to the full extent possible under IRS regulations.

Timeline of 180 History


Safe House goes Pet-Friendly

Safe House offers pet-friendly housing to survivor families


Monmouth Family Justice Center (FJC)

Monmouth Family Justice Center (FJC) – 180 creates the county’s newest institution to offer victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault a one-stop location program to meet all of their immediate needs – reducing their trauma and helping victims and their children expedite the services with other agencies.


LGBTQ Outreach Advocacy

LGBTQ outreach advocacy – 180 creates a program to provide outreach to the LGBTQ community which becomes a model for the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault and other state agencies.


Legal Assistance for Victims (LAV)

Legal Assistance for Victims (LAV) – 180 wins federal funding to support victims of domestic violence/sexual assault who cannot afford legal support on their own.


1 Million

Milestone of serving over 1MILLION victims and their loved ones through its extensive programs and services.


Emergency Safe House

Emergency Safe House – 180 opens its doors to the new ADA safehouse, one of the largest in the State; which is also the largest homeless facility in the County. The flagship Emergency Shelter is nearly double the capacity of the former shelter and the only emergency shelter in the State able to house adult male victims and their families.


Keeping Families Together (KFT)

Keeping Families Together (KFT) – a DCF pilot program awarded to 180 and then further extended as a key 180 service to support Monmouth County families.


Domestic Violence Liaison (DVL)

Domestic Violence Liaison (DVL) – connects the State’s Department of Children and Families with an experienced 180 Domestic Violence support person; closing the loop between the State and 180’s services.


2ndFLOOR’s Youth Helpline goes Statewide

2ndFLOOR’s Youth Helpline goes Statewide, serving all of New Jersey’s youth.


2ndFLOOR Created

2ndFLOOR – a youth helpline created as a pilot program to respond to crisis issues for the county’s youth, including support about dating abuse, cyber bullying, sex/sexuality, and mental health issues including suicide.


The Women’s Center changes its name to 180 Turning Lives Around

The Women’s Center changes its name to 180 Turning Lives Around to convey the comprehensive and integrated programs and services available for families.


Amanda’s Easel (AE)

Amanda’s Easel (AE) – a trauma-focused arts therapy program for children and their non-offending parents.


Domestic Violence Response Teams (DVRT)

Domestic Violence Response Teams (DVRT) – 180 trained advocates/counselors partner with municipal police to respond to the needs of domestic violence victims where needed, including police stations and hospitals.


Shore Regional Outreach Program (SROP)

Shore Regional Outreach Program (SROP) – 180 extends its reach into minority and immigrant communities providing culturally relevant services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) pilot program

180 participates in the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) pilot program.


Families in Transition (FIT)

Families in Transition (FIT) – 180 receives federal funding to provide temporary housing for families.


Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART)

Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) – trained advocates/counselors respond to needs of sexual assault victims and their loved ones throughout the criminal justice system, including medical examinations and police procedures.


County’s First Domestic Violence Shelter

Emergency Shelter – 180 opens its doors to the county’s first domestic violence emergency shelter to 7 families.


The Family Court Liaison Program

The Family Court Liaison Program is implemented to assist victims in the process of obtaining restraining orders. 446 victims are helped the first year.


Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter – receiving funding for the first federally-funded battered women’s shelter in US.


The NJ Prevention of Domestic Violence Act

The NJ Prevention of Domestic Violence Act is signed into law enabling victims to obtain restraining orders for police protection.

1976 - 1977

Advocacy/Counseling/Case management/Community Outreach & Education

Advocacy/Counseling/Case management/Community Outreach & Education – comprehensive services are initiated to address all needs victims and their children face as well as the community. Services include: individual and group counseling; case management support for welfare/food stamps, legal advocacy around divorce and separation issues, advocacy with the criminal justice system around issues like battering and rape, court accompaniment, and trial preparation for rape victims. Community outreach and education is initiated.


Women’s Center is Incorporated

The “Founding Mothers” house abused women in their own homes while applying for funding from the federal government to set up a shelter. The Women’s Resource and Survival Center (The Women’s Center) is incorporated.

The first Rape Hotline in Monmouth County is established by staff of the The Women’s Center.

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