Dear Friends of 180,
It’s our first Thanksgiving at the new Safe House – how blessed we are this year! Thanks to your support, our families are celebrating together. They are planning the menu as I write this note to you – and setting a special table, one that for the first time in 40 years, is large enough to accommodate all of them for this gathering. They will take turns at the stove while pausing to watch each other’s children – telling stories and sharing traditions. We have a newborn baby girl with us this Thanksgiving and a toddler who is just learning how to walk. The teens will be playing video games in the Game Room as the aroma of freshly baked pies fill the home that you helped us to build. Our families are so grateful for this home – a true safe haven to protect them this Thanksgiving Season. What a blessing for them to be among others who, like them, have taken the brave steps needed to turn their life around after years of abuse and violence. There is a profound sense of strength and hope that results from going through the same life challenges and overcoming them too.
This is our family. Parts of this Thanksgiving celebration may sound a lot like yours. Although our families will never celebrate together again, we all share the special bonds of family. Soon our families will leave us to start anew….each going in a different direction to begin a life free of violence and abuse. And for this we are especially grateful. I know you are too.
It is in this spirit of Thanksgiving, that 180 is especially thankful to you for your many gifts of support throughout the year that enable moments like this to take place. On behalf of the Monmouth County families and children that 180 serves, please accept our sincere thanks and best wishes for a peaceful Thanksgiving with your family.
With warm regards,
Anna Diaz-White
Executive Director