Dear Friends and Supporters,
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us on Wednesday, May 12 at 7:00pm for our “Safe At Home” virtual fundraiser!
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Over the past year, our emergency Safe House, Counseling Programs, and dedicated staff, counselors, and volunteers have been challenged in unimaginable ways in our efforts to provide life-changing resources to an ever-increasing number of survivors.
Increased isolation due to pandemic-related stressors, including unemployment and quarantine, compounded with added financial strain, child care challenges, and fears of the virus itself has resulted in exponentially higher accounts of domestic violence, making the need for 180’s essential resources and services greater than ever.
Throughout the pandemic, your support has enabled us to:
  • Respond to ever-increasing hotline calls – making us a dependable resource for survivors in crisis.
  • Expand Safe House capacity to accommodate a 200% increase in occupancy over last year.
  • Develop new and innovative ways to reach survivors, including phone and remote/virtual support, and contactless delivery of care packages, food, PPE, healthcare essentials and groceries to families in dire need.
  • Add much-needed counselors to our 2NDFLOOR YOUTH call center to respond to the growing number of adolescents phoning and texting in for help.
Please pledge your continued support to those we serve by joining us on May 12 for our “Safe At Home” virtual event as we take a look inside 180’s services and hear from survivors. We invite you to consider sponsoring this virtual fundraiser or making a donation as you may have supported our in-person Annual Celebration in the past.
Your financial support will enable us to empower survivors as they rebuild their shattered lives. With your generosity our families become resilient and can find hope amidst fear and heartbreak, as they emerge stronger, more independent, and more confident as they meet life’s next challenge.
Thank you so much for your consideration.
Anna Diaz White, Executive Director
Brian M. Nelson, Board President
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“I feared leaving my home with my children and entering a shelter in the midst of the pandemic. I wondered if the Safe House was even open during the quarantine, and how I would manage virtual schooling while looking for employment. I knew I needed a restraining order but the courts were closed due to COVID and I felt so alone. It was a scary time during the lowest point of my life. I was considering essentially starting over while the world seemed to be shutting down around me. It felt insurmountable, but knowing that the violence and abuse at home was only getting more intense was truly frightening. I didn’t want this for myself and especially not for my children. I phoned 180’s hotline early one morning while everyone was asleep and I quietly whispered my fears to the domestic violence counselor, and her comforting words and practical advice gave me the courage I needed. I don’t know where we would be if it weren’t for 180’s Safe House and all the caring counselors who stood by our side over these past months.”
~ Amelia*, 180 Client (*named change to protect identity)
Entered Safe House Spring 2020, three children, one dog,
her whole life ahead of her….