November 2021
Dear Friends,
The words of this survivor resonate this November– the season of giving thanks and reflection: “As a victim of domestic violence, it’s not easy to muster up the strength to cross the finish line and become a survivor. Thinking back to my time in the Safe House last year, when I arrived with my child, there were very dark moments when I didn’t think I could go anymore, but I did. My counselors at 180 helped me persevere. I achieved more than I could have ever imagined. I came out on the other side, and I am so thankful.”
The journey forward after experiencing domestic violence can be very difficult and like this survivor, there are thousands of families who turn to 180 every year. The journey is theirs, but we walk with them so they are never alone. We understand, we believe, we care, and we empower. Your donations allow us to do this work and your support is needed now more than ever.
We can not overstate the effects of the pandemic on the lives of the families we are serving. The needs are vast, and the influx of families in crisis have been extraordinary including:
  • Over the last 20 months, occupancy is up 200% at our Safe House & emergency housing programs. Today, we have 37 families, where previous Novembers we had 12.
  • Families are staying with us for longer periods of time; these numbers have doubled from 30-60 days to 60-120 days.
  • We have quadrupled the number of families helped with housing stabilization during the pandemic.
  • We have helped 77 families locate and secure permanent affordable housing, compared to 10 families in past years.
  • Client advocacy in the courts has been an extremely high need area with 685 clients assisted last year.
The help we are providing our community is only made possible with your generous support. Your continued belief in our mission and financial support, will allow us to continue serving every survivor who turns to us for the critical services they need in a safe, free, and confidential setting. As you consider your end-of-year charitable giving plans for 2021, we extend our appreciation for your past support, and hope that you will continue contributing to our life saving work. If you have any questions about gifts of stock, or would like to discuss your contribution, please contact either one of us, or Lynn Lucarelli, Development Director at
On behalf of our Board of Trustees, survivor families, staff, and volunteers, we wish you & yours a most peaceful, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving.
With warm regards,
Anna Diaz White
Executive Director
Brian M. Nelson
Board President