Gifts of Securities

Stock Transfer Instructions:

Thank you for thinking of 180 Turning Lives Around. Before you transfer a gift of stock, bonds, or significant cash, 180 appreciates hearing from you or your broker/agent about the kind of asset(s) and the number of shares, bonds, or certificates involved. That notification allows us to track your gift. Please notify Randi Zamkotowicz, Chief Development Officer, via mail (180 Turning Lives Around, 1 Bethany Road, Building 3, Suite 42, Hazlet, NJ 07730), fax (732-264-8655), telephone (732-264-4360, ext. 4230), or email ( Without such prior notification, some banks and brokerages may refuse your gift. Except for cash, donated assets should have been held for more than one year to benefit most under IRS regulations. Depending on the asset, separate reporting requirements may apply.

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