In their journey to heal from domestic and sexual violence, Latina/o/x survivors often face multiple oppressions because of their race, gender, language, and immigrant status. In our Shore Regional Outreach Program, we work with Latina/o/x survivors of abuse bringing with us a specialized understanding for their unique history and experiences. We have witnessed profound courage and strength in the Latina/o/x survivor community as they persevere through the complexities unique to their culture that can make it even more difficult to break free from domestic violence.

At 180, Latina/o/x survivors can find support, empowerment and hope as they navigate their experiences and break down the systemic barriers that might be preventing them from moving forward. Coming from a place of empathy and understanding, our counselors work with survivors to identify cultural trauma, overcome barriers, and break the cycle of violence. Through our individual and group counseling programs, Latina/o/x survivors find comfort and empowerment in the safe space we create where they can speak out, share their own stories, and build bridges to safety and healing. Through survivor participation in these programs, our Latina/o/x community is making positive impacts through their own voice and advocacy.

For more information about our Shore Regional Outreach Program, you can download the program brochure or visit our website.

Our work with Latina/o/x survivors is made possible by the generosity and volunteerism of our community. 180 is a place of empowerment, hope, safety & comfort for thousands of Monmouth County families and we thank you for your support and belief in our mission.
With warm regards,
Anna Diaz White
Executive Director
Brian M. Nelson
Board President