HOPE is a feeling that what we imagine could actually happen. 

This year’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month Creative Arts Project is focused on the metaphor of hands lending hope to others. With the absence of physical handshakes and hugs we can still embrace those who are in need of support, encouragement, and restoration. We do this by listening, reaching out, advocating, and speaking up for all those who have felt silenced. Our messages will be virtual, done both together and apart, with many hands “expressing” our wish to end violence and abuse, oppression and pain. Together we “join hands” to make a stand.

We invite all to take part in our community creation by writing, drawing, sculpting, and acting out your ideas surrounding these three prompts:

  • I use my hands for:
  • I lend a hand by:
  • I need a hand when:

You can create hands out of any material as a three dimensional piece. You can draw or paint or sketch hands using color and line. You can write a poem about what hands of hope mean to you. There are many ways to help us get this message out to our community.

Entries MUST be submitted through email and can be sent to susannem@180nj.org

DEADLINE for submission is OCTOBER 17, 2020

During this unprecedented year 180 has been consistent in our outreach and support of victims of family violence and sexual assault. It is with great anticipation that we use our collective voices to continue our mission of empowerment and hope for those among us that are affected by trauma and abuse.

Thank you for joining us in this project.


180 Turning Lives Around,

Amanda’s Easel Creative Arts Therapy Team