On Giving Tuesday please consider a gift to 180 in honor of the thousands of Monmouth County survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault who have reached out to 180 this past year.
Your support enables us to empower survivors to have the strength and courage to turn their life around. Please let their journey inspire your gift this Giving Tuesday.
She escaped her abuse and slept in her car with her dog “Sandy” until they could find a safe place to stay. Today, Mary is helping 180 create a “pet-friendly” shelter so that individuals escaping abuse can stay in our Safe House with their pet.
She was brave enough to leave her relationship while 8 months pregnant. She stayed with us that winter in our Safe House giving birth to a baby girl and spending their first Christmas safely with us.
He was 10 when his mother gathered up the courage to leave. With a few belongings stuffed into black trash bags they fled early one morning. There would be no more dark nights, no fighting, no bandages, no screaming, no silence. At 180’s Safe House he and his mom started anew.
She found refuge and a place to heal at 180’s Amanda’s Easel Creative Arts Therapy Program. Coming to terms with her many years of abuse and the sadness that was buried within her helped her become a better mother as she learned how to help her children heal too.
Survivor names have been changed to protect confidentiality.
Your participation on Giving Tuesday will support the many programs of 180 that empower survivors of domestic and sexual violence to turn their life around. Today and always, we thank you for your support!
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