180 honors the centennial of 100 years of women’s right to vote.

Dear Friends of 180,

The 70 year fight for women’s right to vote was finally won 100 years ago in August of 1920. Despite this victory, there were further challenges as women were discouraged from exercising their right to vote – even after the amendment was ratified and became law.
At 180, we are especially aware of the importance of using one’s own voice to impart change and we are fully cognizant of the importance of our freedom in exercising the right vote. We acknowledge our brave sisters who came before us who, for more than 70 years – in every town, county and state in America, used their collective voices to ensure that the right to vote could not be denied based on sex.
In New Jersey, we were one of the original 36 states to ratify the 19th Amendment which by August 1920 became law. We are honored to celebrate this 100 year anniversary of women’s right to vote which is indeed a hallmark of U.S democracy.
Anna Diaz-White
Executive Director

Injustice anywhere, threatens justice everywhere.

“Injustice anywhere, threatens justice everywhere.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dear Friends of 180,
Like many, we at 180 have been in shock at the horrific killing of a black man–George Floyd, witnessed in our own living rooms. This heinous, inhumane act joins thousands of such incidents over a great many years, and any words fall far short of expressing our outrage and deepest sorrow.
As an organization we denounce hatred, injustice, racism, oppression and violence. We value equality, kindness, understanding, and champion humanity in all of its beautiful and wondrous diversity.
We stand united with the black community and are committed to giving our clients, staff and volunteers a voice to help us evolve our programs and services to better support human rights now, and in the days and years to come. And while we may feel despair for the moment, we know deep in our hearts that together we can move forward and in time heal and flourish.
In solidarity,
Anna Diaz-White
Executive Director
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.”Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Make A Mother’s Day Special for 180

Dear Friends of 180,
As we look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day this coming weekend, we know that thousands of mothers, and mothers-to-be across the country, will spend Mother’s Day in a domestic violence shelter like ours here in Monmouth County.
In addition to a safe place to sleep at night, survivors of domestic violence who are mothers, have a number of other child-related needs such as children’s counseling, safety planning, childcare and schooling arrangements. This year, the additional stress of COVID-19 brings even more challenges to us and those we serve, however we are committed to meeting the needs of our survivors and their children.
This Mother’s Day, please consider supporting 180 by participating in our “Make A Mother’s Day Special” supply drive being hosted by our friends at The Grove. If you can’t make it to the supply drive, please consider a donation to 180 by visiting the link here: https://180nj.org/give-help/mothers-day-donations/ or you can donate through your mobile device by texting 180MOMS to 41-444. 
May each of you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and I thank you for your support of 180 Turning Lives Around.
Anna Diaz-White
Executive Director

Program Operations at 180 During COVID-19

March 23, 2020
180 Turning Lives Around is here for you. We know that you may need our domestic violence and sexual assault services now more than ever. We are making a few temporary shifts to some of our services in response to local closures and to minimize the risk of virus transmission. We will continue to make decisions and plans based on information and directives from the CDC, federal, state and local healthcare professionals, the Governor’s Office, Monmouth County and local municipalities. We are following social distancing practices to help protect the health of our staff, our clients, and the community. Here is an update on our programs and operations:
Counseling, Family Justice Center, Family Court Liaison Program and Case Management
Survivors currently receiving services will continue receiving services remotely, either individually and in safe distance from one another, or by phone.
Support groups have been postponed at this time. We encourage survivors who are looking to begin services to call our hotline. A counselor will discuss your individual needs.
Parent and child creative arts therapy through 180’s Amanda’s Easel Creative Art Therapy Program will be implemented remotely.
Temporary Restraining Orders
Temporary Restraining Orders will be done at local Police Departments 24/7. Please know that a 180 advocate is available to support you via phone.
Our trained counselors are here for you. You can immediately reach our hotlines for support 24/7 as follows:
Domestic Violence:
Sexual Violence:
2NDFLOOR Youth Call and Text Helpline:
Safe House
Our emergency shelter is completely operational. Please contact our hotline if you need these services. In an immediate emergency, call 911.
Crisis Response Team Accompaniments at Police and Hospital
Accompaniments are being conducted by phone both at hospital emergency rooms and police departments. For survivors with questions about the sexual assault exam and evidence collection, you can call our hotline. Survivors are continuing to receive the medical, law enforcement and 180 support they require 24/7.
Donations of In-kind Items During This Time
180 is limiting the collections of donated, in-kind items at this time and restricting all visitor access to our offices.
Special Note
Domestic violence and sexual assault do not just stop because of a crisis like the one we are currently facing. In fact, when family stressors increase, violence and abuse can quickly escalate. It is these very trying times that a survivor needs 180 even more; and we are determined to be there for everyone who needs our services.

For the most up to date announcements on our programs and services, please periodically check the link here: https://180nj.org/covid-19/

Conversation Starters: Digital Dating Abuse

Use these conversation starters to talk to your teen about digital dating abuse.



180 Offers Pet-Friendly Rooms at Emergency Safe House

No one should have to choose between their safety and their pet. A new endeavor for 180 is our ability to offer pet-friendly rooms and spaces within our shelter so that our families are not forced to choose between staying in a dangerous situation and leaving their pet behind. 180 was awarded grants from Bayer, The Lydia Collins DeForest Foundation, and The Red Rover Foundation to help 180 provide a safe place for domestic violence victims and their pets at our shelter. These grants are enabling us to outfit our property with pet-friendly rooms, allergen-free living spaces, as well as appropriate fencing and designated, safe play areas in order to ensure a safe environment for all families. In addition to these private grants, generous donations from philanthropic individuals within the Monmouth County community are supporting our pet-friendly Safe House and providing the operational resources such as pet food, play items and veterinary support.

Because abusers are often violent towards animals and use the family pet to assert control and manipulate, individuals trying to flee domestic violence are hesitant to leave their pet behind for fear of what the abuser will do to the animal. Nationwide studies indicate that nearly half of abused women stay in their abusive relationships out of concern for the welfare of their beloved pet. Most domestic violence shelters can not accommodate pets on-site, forcing abuse victims to choose between staying in an abusive relationship and leaving their pet with the abuser. 180 Turning Lives Around is proud to be the first safe house in New Jersey to offer shelter for survivors and their pets.

“We recognize the deep bond that our families share with their pets,” said Anna Diaz-White, Executive Director of 180 Turning Lives Around. “Opening our Safe House doors to pets will save more lives as it removes a potential barrier for an individual escaping domestic violence. No one should have to choose between their safety and their pet.”

For more information about our Safe House and 180’s many life saving and life changing programs, please call our anonymous and confidential hotline: 888-843-9262.


180 Turning Lives Around Awarded $20,000 Major Grant from The Provident Bank Foundation

180 Turning Lives Around announced it has received a Major Grant in the amount of $20,000 from The Provident Bank Foundation to support their Family Justice Center in Freehold, NJ.


180 Turning Lives Around was selected to receive the grant based on their strong mission to empower survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to find the courage and strength to turn their life around. Specifically, 180’s Family Justice Center (FJC), will benefit from this grant. The FJC was originally launched thanks to a generous grant from Impact 100, Jersey Coast, and is saving and changing lives due to its coordinated service design for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking in Monmouth County. The FJC model is recognized as a best practice in the field of domestic violence by the U.S. Department of Justice and New Jersey State Office of the Attorney General.


“The FJC provides victims and their families with crisis support, legal assistance and counseling all in one safe place. On behalf of the families that 180 serves, I thank Provident Bank for believing in our mission and providing the critical funding which enables us to reach hundreds of families in Monmouth County,” said Anna Diaz-White, Executive Director, 180 Turning Lives Around.


180 Turning Lives Around received the generous gift from Provident Bank’s Jane Kurek and Lisa Van Cleve on September 26 at the Family Justice Center in Freehold. Accepting from 180 Turning Lives Around was Anna Diaz-White, Executive Director.


“The Provident Bank Foundation is honored to help further initiatives that are making a difference in the lives of residents in our local area,” said Jane Kurek, Executive Director, The Provident Bank Foundation. “We are pleased to support organizations that contribute to a sense of community and offer a diverse set of programs that make people healthier, happier and safer.”


The goal of the Major Grant is to support organizations that have identified an immediate need in the community and for the individuals they serve. The Provident Bank Foundation’s funding directly supports efforts to enhance the quality of life in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania communities served by Provident Bank through three Funding Priority Areas: Community Enrichment, Education, and Health, Youth & Families.


For more information about 180 Turning Lives Around visit www.180nj.org

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About 180 Turning Lives Around

180 Turning Lives Around empowers survivors and families affected by domestic violence and sexual assault to find the courage and strength to turn their lives around.

180 supports this mission through: 24/7 hotlines – including the 2NDFloor Youth Helpline, counseling, legal advocacy, emergency shelter and transitional housing and art, play and music therapy for children.

180 Turning Lives Around is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. For more information, visit: www.180nj.org or call the 24-hour confidential hotline at: 888-843-9262


About The Provident Bank Foundation


The Provident Bank Foundation was established in 2003 by Provident Bank to enhance the quality of life in the region through support of not-for-profit groups, institutions, schools and other 501(c)(3) organizations that provide services in communities served by the Bank. Since inception, the Foundation has granted more than $25 million to not-for-profit organizations and institutions working toward stronger communities. For more information, visit www.theprovidentbankfoundation.org or call (862) 260-3990.

Ms. Race to benefit 180 – Event recap from the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club

A wonderful group of local female sailors enthusiastically gathered in force at the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club this past Saturday to take part in the 15th annual Ms. Race. This all women sailing regatta supports the magnificent charity, 180 Turning Lives Around, that is dedicated to protecting, advocating and supporting victims of domestic violence and rape in our community. The race certainly lived up to this year’s theme, Sailing Strong for 15 Years. The event is empowering for women who build their confidence with seamanship and teamwork and by racing on an all-women crew. This personal growth and achievement represents the transformation of women who have changed their lives with the help of 180. The race brought together teams from three local yacht clubs and represented multiple generations of sailors.

Captains and their crews gathered at the yacht club to start the race day with a delicious breakfast spread from local sponsors and an instructive Captain’s meeting. Back this year by popular demand, the seasoned J24 race captain, past AHYC Commodore and previous Ms. Race winner, Elaine Haher, coached the sailors with her illuminating sailing instructions peppered with stories from her wealth of racing experience. After the seminar, the teams cheerfully gathered to make their way to their boats and prepare for the race ahead. They were greeted by the crew of Latitude and Captain Brian Gillen on the launch pier with a requisite celebratory Blood Mary to kick off the race.

Out on the water, the ten teams racing in the event sailed up and down the Start/Finish line, in the 6 knot oscillating breeze, awaiting their turn for the Pursuit Race start. At exactly 1:00 pm the race began with Killian and followed by My Solution, CODA, Saint of Circumstance, Smokin’ J, A Good Hair Day, Magic, Vici, Cygni, and Overlap. Friends, families and guests on spectator boats participated in the fun by tracking the sailboats around the course, snapping photos, shooting video and providing the women with shouts of encouragement and cheers.

The conditions on Course 2 had mostly gentle breezes and occasional light air and fog on the horizon that made maneuvering the sailboats a challenge in the downwind leg out to the G17 buoy at the end of Sandy Hook. A mother/daughter duet from Raritan Yacht Club shared top honors in this year’s Ms. Race. Kim Sinatra on her J129, Smokin’ J, with a crew of experienced sailors crossed the finish line first followed by last year’s Ms. Race winner Ann Myer on the J-105 Magic. Third place honors went to Karen Harris and her team on her J120 Cygni in a close match and exhilarating 45 second showdown at the race finish with Overlap and Saint of Circumstance. Donna Syers on Overlap hosted 9 junior girls from the Toms River and Island Heights Yacht Clubs who were delighted to learn the ropes of sailing from the other 15 women crew members onboard.

Thanks to everyone who made the day a wonderful experience. Dick Muise along with Andrew Roberts and Sam Oncea did a phenomenal job handling the race committee boat and getting the race off to a nice start. Spectator boats captained by Jack Flannery and Bev Holcomb, Curtis Sawyer, Bob and Kay Curtiss, Susan Hillers and Tom Gardner hosted friends, family and guests who rooted for the competitors. A special thanks goes to the women who participated in this year’s race as they were all victors in their own rights!

After the race the crews convened at the club for an awards ceremony featuring music by DJ Bill Sabanski and the presentation of the trophies officiated by Ms. Race Co-chair, Eileen Campbell, with support from Dick Muise. Thanks goes to Rear Commodore Chris Stone for greeting the Ms. Race teams. The Sailors, their families, friends and other club members enjoyed light appetizers from our donors and the club’s new Chef, Jonathan Jimenez. A cake featuring the Ms. Race logo and Sailing Strong was served along with delectable homemade cookies from committee member Jean Evertsen.

The early evening event featured chance and live auctions. It was a fabulous day at the AHYC, and best of all, the event added substantially to the amount we have raised this year for the 180 organization. Lynn Lucarelli, Director of Development for 180 Turning Lives Around, supported the event fundraising with Development Manager Amanda Finn. Lynn shared her genuine thanks to the Ms. Race participants, sponsors and donors whose generosity has helped raise over $15,000 for this year’s event totaling over $155,000 for the life of the event.

Sponsors this year include Two River Community Bank as our “Platinum Event Sponsor” along with premium and event sponsors including AT&T, Construction Risk Partners, Koi Sushi and Hibachi Restaurant, Lockwood Boat Works, Miller & Gaudio, McQue Captains Agency, The Ocean is Female, Offshore Sailing School, Pettit, Tomaro Financial Group, Top Notch Audio, Withum, Zager Fuchs Agency and also the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club and 180 Turning Lives Around. The complete roster of sponsors can be seen in the Ms. Race Sponsor Guide available at the yacht club and online. A special note about AHYC club member Denise Mumm who painted the splendid commissioned cover art for this year’s sponsor guide. Her Ms. Race artwork is on display and for sale at the club with proceeds going to 180 Turning Lives Around.



Thanks goes to this year’s Ms. Race organizing committee members who worked energetically to make the race one of the best ever: Kay Curtiss, Jean Evertsen, Elaine Haher, Karen Harris, Beverly Holcomb, Janice Miller, Liz Moss, Helen Parker, LuAnn Rathemacher, Bill Sabanski, Emily Smith and Donna Syers. Thanks also goes to Sandy Levine who crewed on Cygni and did a photo and video shoot to document the Ms. Race and Karen Harris’ story. We would like to give special thanks to Aleen and Steve Colitz for their vision, support and generosity for the Ms. Race and 180 Turning Lives Around over the years that helped us reach this auspicious milestone, Sailing Strong for 15 Years. We’d also like to extend a sincere thank you to all the club members who once again donated so very generously to this year’s Ms. Race.

Marvelous photos of this year’s Ms. Race are available from our club photographer Jeff Smith at https://www.jeffsmithphoto.net/Organiz…/…/2019-AHYC-Ms-Race/. Special thanks also goes to Tom Baker for the action packed drone photos of this year’s race for your viewing pleasure here.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our 15 years hosting the Ms. Race at the AHYC!

AHYC Ms. Race Co-Chairs
Diane Kropfl and Eileen Campbell

Citricos Charity Dinner to benefit 180

There is a saying that one should never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world because indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. This sentiment is true for Danny and Tricia Kerr, owners of Citricos on Main Street in Bradley Beach, NJ, who are hosting a charity dinner where 100% of the proceeds will benefit 180 Turning Lives Around – a Monmouth County based non-profit dedicated to empowering survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

“We want to do our part to support our community and 180’s mission is important. One of our customers is a dedicated advocate for 180 and when we learned about her volunteerism and the charity’s mission, we just wanted to do something to support 180 and the families they serve.” Danny and Tricia are opening the doors to their restaurant on Sunday, October 20 from 5:00 – 7:30pm for an intimate and special dinner where all proceeds of the $100 per person ticket will support 180’s domestic violence and sexual assault programs including 180’s Safe House – a local emergency shelter and safe haven for families fleeing abuse.

Dinner guests will enjoy fine dining in the casually elegant atmosphere of Citricos Mediterranean Italian Grille. The exceptional four-course menu includes your choice of cuisine – either lobster or filet mignon, or an eggplant vegetarian option. Guests are invited to bring their own bottle of wine. Tickets are limited, and guests are encouraged to make their reservation and payment through Citricos website. Event sponsorships and donations are welcomed and will support 180’s many programs that help survivors of domestic and sexual violence have the strength and courage to turn their life around.

“When a victim in Monmouth County needs help, 180 is there in a moment’s notice to support them with care and compassion in their darkest hour. Sexual assault and domestic violence survivors can contact 180 anytime – we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with our hotlines, counseling, programs, support, advocacy and shelter if needed” said Anna Diaz-White, Executive Director, 180 Turning Lives Around. “We are grateful to Danny and Tricia for recognizing the critical role that 180 plays in our community. This event will assist us in providing funding for our many programs while also helping us to raise awareness of our mission throughout Bradley Beach and many other Monmouth County communities.”


To register follow link here: https://180nj.org/get-info/special-events/charity-dinner/




Fundraising Event: “Tennis Classic: September 10”

Three wonderful volunteers have come together with their young adult children to help plan and co-chair this year’s Tennis Classic for 180:
Laurie Buckelew, and son Jake
Pam Salvador, and daughter Sophia
Jane Yu, and daughter Lauren
How wonderful to have families involved in sharing the mission of 180together. Please consider supporting them and 180 in our combined effort to raise funds for our many survivor programs. There are a variety of ways to participate even if you are not a tennis player – join us for lunch, become a sponsor, or underwrite someone else to play. See link below for more information and to register. Please RSVP today!


180 Turning Lives Around extends special thanks to the Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club for generously donating the courts and other amenities so that 180 can maximize your donation to our mission.