Hearing the details from the US Gymnasts in this week’s Senate Hearings have been excruciating, and the bravery of these young women extraordinary. Fighting back tears to speak out about their harrowing experiences of sexual abuse, and the emotional pain of the systemic failures in protecting them and other fellow athletes, leave us all longing for answers and accountability.
We know from our work with survivors that national news stories like this can be triggering for victims of abuse and the retraumatizing content can resurface the pain of their own past experiences. We receive calls and requests for support from residents of Monmouth County most every single day of the year. However, a rise in the number of hotline calls from men and women are expected during times like these when news stories take center stage. We are humbled to carry the responsibility to receive these calls for help locally, and we encourage you – or anyone you know who might need our support, to please reach out. 180 clinicians and advocates are specifically trained and highly experienced in this type of counseling, making them experts in the field of trauma recovery from domestic and sexual violence. Our work to empower survivors begins by listening, and by believing — this is the heart and soul of what we do.
We hear you; and we are here for you.
If you are a survivor and need to talk, you are not alone; we can begin together. Please reach us anonymously and confidentially on our 24/7 Sexual Violence Hotline: 888-264-7273.
Perhaps you are not in need of our services, but feel compelled to help victims and our mission in some way. Your financial gift helps us respond to every individual who seeks our support throughout the year. Hotlines, counseling, support groups, access to emergency safe housing, and advocacy in the courts, are just some of the programs your donation will support. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated, and make it possible for 180 to be a place of hope, safety & comfort for thousands of Monmouth County families. 
With warm regards,
Anna Diaz White
Executive Director
Brian M. Nelson
Board President