Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART)


SART 40-hour Mandatory Training for New Volunteer Victim Advocates
June 4 – 27
6:00pm – 9:30pm
via Zoom

When You Need Help Now

Highly trained volunteers are available to assist victims of sexual assault and their significant others during a time of crisis. Knowledgeable and caring Sexual Violence Program staff and volunteers provide emotional support and accompaniment during hospital medical examinations, police procedures and through the criminal justice system.

Call the Sexual Assault Hotline at (888) 264-Rape (7273) to reach a Sexual Violence Advocate.

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These accompaniments are made in coordination with the county-wide Forensic Nurse Examiners program and Sexual Assault Response Team programs which mobilize investigative and supportive teams (involving specially trained forensic nurses, detectives and 180‘s victim advocates) to respond to a sexual assault. 180’s victim advocates ensure that emotional support, timely and sensitive treatment, and after-care is provided to the survivor, including information and service referrals.

Victim advocates are also available to provide crisis accompaniments for significant others of sexual assault survivors at the hospitals. These accompaniments involve emotional support, information and service referrals.

Medical Accompaniment (24 hours/7 days a week)

180 offers hospital accompaniment to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones. Our hotline (888) 264-RAPE will put you in touch with a trained advocate who will be available to go with you to get medical help. Our advocates are trained to provide emotional support, as well as advocacy.

Police Accompaniment (24 hours)

180 offers 24-hour accompaniment to police stations for survivors of sexual violence. Our hotline (888) 264-RAPE will put you in touch with a trained advocate who will be available to go with you to you to the police station should you wish to formally press charges or simply file a report. The advocate is there to make sure victims are aware of their legal rights, as well as provide support at the police department.

Legal Advocacy and Court Accompaniment

180 offers court accompaniment to survivors of sexual violence. Information about Grand Jury procedures, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s office (the Victim Witness Program, Impact Statement preparation, plea negotiating and Juvenile Accompaniments are all available).

All of 180’s Sexual Assault Services Are Confidential.

Please call our hotline (888) 264-RAPE for more information.