Domestic Violence Program Advocate

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180’s volunteer DVRT Advocates are civilian members of the community who work collaboratively with law enforcement to provide support, information, and referrals to victims of domestic violence at police headquarters. Advocates also discuss with victims safety planning and their legal rights in regard to obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order. By providing empathy and crucial perspective of the situation, these specially-trained advocates help to empower victims to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.


Description of Duties 

      • Works in conjunction with the police to provide support, information, and referrals
      • Discuss with the victim their legal rights in regard to obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order
      • Empower victims to make decisions about their own lives

Time Commitment 

      • Volunteers are required to take on-call shifts each month
      • Attend a monthly team supervisory meeting

Skills Needed

      • Bi-lingual capability is a plus
      • No prior experience in domestic violence is required

Training Information

      • 40-hour mandatory training course will be provided to successful applicants at no cost


      • Must be 18 years of age or older
      • Have access to reliable transportation
      • Possess a valid driver’s license
      • Be willing to serve on an on-call shift basis
      • Submit to background investigations and fingerprinting
      • Participate in an application and interview process

Contact Information 

Northern Monmouth County

Susan Levine (732) 264-4360, Ext. 4271


Southern Monmouth County

Tina Morgan (732) 264-4360, Ext. 4272