What is Sexual Violence?

Sexual Assault any sexual contact that is forced or without consent. It may take the form of being touched, being forced to touch someone else or to watch them touch themselves.

… is not about “uncontrollable’ sexual urges. Over 70% of sexual assaults are planned.

… is motivated by the need to overpower, control, degrade and humiliate another. The violation of body parts is the means by which this is accomplished.

… is a method of expressing anger and aggression by persons who have never learned to develop healthy outlets for their negative emotions.

… is committed by strangers as well as people we know and trust. Over 80% of sexual assaults are committed by acquaintances, dates, husbands and family members.

… is not the result of the dress or behavior of the victim. Attitude and decisions of the perpetrator are the sole cause of sexual assault.

… is something that can happen to you!

Any man, woman or child can be sexually victimized regardless of age, race, economic status or sexual orientation.