Common Questions About Domestic Violence

I would like to come in for counseling but I am not working and I don’t have a lot of money. What will I have to pay?

180‘s services are based on a sliding scale fee according to your income. We try to accommodate those without a present income with a flat rate for service. We can also assist you in applying for insurance re-imbursement, if applicable.

My husband verbally abuses me and withholds the money, but he has never hit me, so that doesn’t qualify as domestic violence, right?

Domestic violence includes physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse. Verbal abuse (such as threats of violence), and emotional abuse (such as withholding financial resources so that the victim feels subordinate), are varying forms of domestic violence. PHYSICAL violence is not the only degree of domestic violence.

Unfortunately, my kids have been exposed to the violence also, and I think that they would benefit from counseling. Does 180 have a program for them?

180‘s Amanda’s Easel is a nationally renowned, comprehensive art therapy program for children and their non-offending parent. Amanda’s Easel helps children heal from the effects of domestic violence by encouraging them to express and understand their feelings and fears in a safe and nurturing environment, through the use of art. The goals of Amanda’s Easel are to strengthen self-esteem, develop new coping skills, gain a sense of control over concerns, doubts and fears, increase communication between parents and child, begin to understand the cycle of violence and how it affects their self-esteem, and help break the cycle of family violence.

For more information about Amanda’s Easel click here.

I have a temporary restraining order against my husband and would like to file for divorce. Does 180 have lawyers on site that can represent me?

180 offers a Family Court Liaison Program in the Monmouth County Superior Court, Family Division that can assist you with legal questions you may have related to domestic violence. As for legal representation, 180 can provide referrals to local agencies that provide legal services. To contact the Family Court Liaison Program please call 732-677-4332 or 732-677-4345.

For more information about Restraining Orders please click here.