A Soulful Night for 180 at JBJ Soul Kitchen

Dear Friends of 180,
The success of last night’s event only reaffirms what we already know: 180’s model WORKS! 180’s Amanda’s Easel Creative Arts Therapy Program is an important component in promoting healing from domestic violence and encouraging individuals to express and understand their feelings and fears in a safe and nurturing environment. Our survivors and advocates were courageous to share their art and creative expressions with us through this event. Please take a moment to view and appreciate some of their works below. More art images are available to view on our Facebook page. Visions and Voices was truly a night of “soul sharing” and we are grateful to all participants.
Special thanks to our caring friends at the JBJ Soul Kitchen for hosting 180 and for their sincere belief in our mission. The Soul Kitchen is known for nourishing souls in more ways than one! Also, thank you to all guests who literally weathered the storm and joined us in solidarity to recognize 180 during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Our programs are successful because they are implemented by 180’s caring staff and counseling team. We thank our therapists and counselors at 180’s Amanda’s Easel Creative Arts Therapy Program for creating the environment which enables expressive arts therapy to be a part of the healing process. For those of you who generously support our work, we thank you and ask that you continue to include 180 Turning Lives Around in your charitable giving. Your generosity makes our mission possible.
Anna Diaz-White
Executive Director


180 Offers Pet-Friendly Rooms at Emergency Safe House

No one should have to choose between their safety and their pet. A new endeavor for 180 is our ability to offer pet-friendly rooms and spaces within our shelter so that our families are not forced to choose between staying in a dangerous situation and leaving their pet behind. 180 was awarded grants from Bayer, The Lydia Collins DeForest Foundation, and The Red Rover Foundation to help 180 provide a safe place for domestic violence victims and their pets at our shelter. These grants are enabling us to outfit our property with pet-friendly rooms, allergen-free living spaces, as well as appropriate fencing and designated, safe play areas in order to ensure a safe environment for all families. In addition to these private grants, generous donations from philanthropic individuals within the Monmouth County community are supporting our pet-friendly Safe House and providing the operational resources such as pet food, play items and veterinary support.

Because abusers are often violent towards animals and use the family pet to assert control and manipulate, individuals trying to flee domestic violence are hesitant to leave their pet behind for fear of what the abuser will do to the animal. Nationwide studies indicate that nearly half of abused women stay in their abusive relationships out of concern for the welfare of their beloved pet. Most domestic violence shelters can not accommodate pets on-site, forcing abuse victims to choose between staying in an abusive relationship and leaving their pet with the abuser. 180 Turning Lives Around is proud to be the first safe house in New Jersey to offer shelter for survivors and their pets.

“We recognize the deep bond that our families share with their pets,” said Anna Diaz-White, Executive Director of 180 Turning Lives Around. “Opening our Safe House doors to pets will save more lives as it removes a potential barrier for an individual escaping domestic violence. No one should have to choose between their safety and their pet.”

For more information about our Safe House and 180’s many life saving and life changing programs, please call our anonymous and confidential hotline: 888-843-9262.


JBJ Soul Kitchen to Host 180 for DV Awareness Event October 16

VOICES and VISIONS is a survivor and supporter multimedia presentation of music, spoken word and art, created by 180’s Amanda’s Easel Creative Arts Therapies Program for domestic violence awareness month.
Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault will showcase an exhibit of expressive arts as part of their journey in healing and turning their life around. The community is invited to experience this showcase while enjoying refreshments and delicacies from the Soul Kitchen.
Enjoy strolling through the garden and joining with others from the community who are interested in ending violence in Monmouth County. This is an opportunity to take an active role in 180’s mission during October’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Special thanks to our caring friends at the JBJ Soul Kitchen for sponsoring this complimentary event and believing in our mission.
We look forward to seeing you there!
JBJ Soul Kitchen
207 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701
Wednesday, October 16
6:00 – 7:30 PM
The event is complimentary thanks to the generosity of the JBJ Soul Kitchen.
RSVP: amandaf@180nj.org
Please RSVP by 10.11.19

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Dear Friends of 180,
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and according to national studies, domestic violence directly impacts approximately 1/4 women and 1/7 men, as well as countless family members, friends and communities. These statistics represent our neighbors, friends, colleagues, family members, and possibly even you.
Please consider joining 180 in the month of October especially, or anytime throughout the year, and take an active role against domestic and sexual violence in Monmouth County. Here are some examples of what you can do and how you can show your support and solidarity for survivors and victims in our local community:
  • Join 180 on October 16 for our Annual Community Awareness Event at the JBJ Soul Kitchen, Red Bank (RSVP HERE)
  • Register to volunteer within our agency (link here)
  • Start an initiative to collect items for our Safe House (wish list here)
  • Educate your child about resources to help assist youth such as 180’s 2ND FLOOR YOUTH Call and Text helpline (www.2ndfloor.org)
Additionally, please take a moment to read below our “YEAR IN REVIEW”. While October is designated National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, our agency is hard at work throughout the year to bring strength, courage and solutions to thousands of survivors and their families. Thank you for supporting 180.
Anna Diaz-White
Executive Director
  • 262 women, men, and children served
This program offers an emergency shelter for women, men, and children fleeing domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking. Up to 12 families at a time can be accommodated for a period of 30 to 60 days. Residents are provided with counseling, case management, advocacy, and other supportive services.
  • 118 parents and children served
  • 1,050 sessions provided
  • 279 groups conducted
This creative arts therapies program is designed to create a support system to help both children and their non-offending parents cope with the life changes precipitated by violence and abuse. The program provides art, play and music therapy that promotes healing by encouraging children to express and understand their feelings and fears in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • 3,208 hotline calls answered
  • 207 new counseling clients
  • 1,047 sessions provided
  • 289 clients assisted by 180’s Domestic Violence Liaison (at DCP&P offices)
A 24/7 DV Hotline provides education, support, resources, and referrals to all callers. Survivors of domestic violence are offered 6 free individual counseling sessions and a variety of free support groups are also offered.
Group of women with hands together showing unity


  • 10,431 phone conversations held
  • 132,158 text messages exchanged
Through phone calls, texting and the message board, this anonymous call and text helpline for New Jersey’s youth helps to provide solutions to a variety of issues including substance abuse, mental health,suicide, cyber-bullying, sex and sexuality, among other topics.
Law scales on table. Symbol of justice
  • 1,885 domestic violence victims assisted
  • 450 consultations with other non-profit colleagues
This program, located in the Monmouth County Superior Court (Freehold), provides technical assistance along with system advocacy and emotional support to help victims navigate through the legal system and obtain restraining orders and other reliefs.
  • 382 clients served
The Family Justice Center provides victims and their families with crisis intervention, legal assistance, and counseling services all in one place. The Family Justice Center model is recognized as a best practice by the U.S. Department of Justice and New Jersey State Office of the Attorney General. The model is proven to save lives due to coordinated services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and human trafficking.
  • 39 families served
This program supports families in the child welfare system and who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability. The program is based on a nationally proven model which uses a multi-disciplinary team approach in coordination with other community partners in the area. The goal of this recovery-oriented program is to help families stay together as they stabilize their lives. 180’s culturally-competent case management team members use client-centered support services along with input from clients to help them keep their goals in sight, while living in a safe and stable home.
  • 959 hotline calls answered
  • 117 new counseling clients
  • 438 sessions provided
Victims of sexual violence, ages 12 and above, are offered up to 6 individual sessions. Psycho-educational support groups are also offered on a continuing basis. Significant others are also offered support and 6 individual sessions.
  • 163 clients served
  • 406 sessions provided
Cultural differences and language barriers can make it difficult to receive assistance and support. Our Shore Regional Outreach Program offers free counseling, psycho-educational support groups, community outreach, system advocacy at area municipal courts, and information and referral services in Long Branch, Neptune, Asbury Park and surrounding areas. Counseling in Spanish is available.
  • 450 Domestic Violence Response Team Accompaniments at Police Stations
  • 312 Sexual Assault Response Team Accompaniments (medical, legal, and court)
The Victim Support Program is comprised of the Domestic Violence Response Team Program, which includes approximately 200 volunteer Victim Advocates who provide support and advocacy to victims at police headquarters, and the Sexual Violence Program, which is comprised of approximately 40 Sexual Assault Response Team volunteers who provide support and advocacy to victims at police headquarters, five hospitals, and at Grand Jury. This program also includes counseling, educational presentations, and the Primary Prevention Program.